Queen”Mother Love”

We have been listening to a lot of Queen lately, out here on the Dirtfarm.  My husband, Jonathan, found this recently. I had never heard it before. I hope you enjoy it.

Queen”Mother Love”

This is the very last thing that Freddie Mercury ever recorded. It is haunting…

This is a fine example of the artist that was Freddie Mercury. He was ill and yet, he went on with his life’s work. Listen to the lyrics of this song knowing that this was his last. Within six months, Freddie Mercury would succumb to the disease that took him from this world. A brave man. A true artist.  A dedicated showman. A master of the music.

Queen as a whole has left a Beauty mark on the world. Brian May. John Deacon and Roger Taylor, along with Freddie Mercury gave the music a sound, a style and a group of epic proportions. There will never be another Queen and there will never be another musician like Freddie Mercury.